Fresh 48

What is the fresh 48? I remember when I first heard this term, I had NO idea what it meant, and once I did, I fell in LOVE with it. 

The fresh 48 refers to the first 48 hours of your precious newborns life. Of course everyone is familiar with maternity portraits, and birth photography and newborn portraits, but the fresh 48 is something I feel is often overlooked or not really thought about. 

I have two boys myself, and I wish I took more pictures with my first baby in the hospital, but due to a long labor and delivery and him being born on Christmas eve, I wasn't really able to get the first really cute shots in the hospital like I wanted. I made it a point to do it with my second for sure. 

What I love about these sessions is they are simple, relaxed, and there is no pressure for anything. There is not really a time frame, there is no swaddling and posing and getting baby to be happy and content. Baby is fresh, brand new to this world, they are typically 100% content, as long as they are warm and fed. Capturing the sweet and simple details are some of my favorite shots mostly because they are literally only this small for this day, they start growing instantly and they are 6 months, and then 1 years old before you know it! 

With fresh 48 sessions, I enjoy using the natural light that comes in through the hospital window, or even the lighting that is found in the room. Like I said before, sweet and simple, its so special being able to capture mom and dad in their moments of absolute adoration. These portraits are often not posed, and I like to go with the flow. If baby needs a change, lets capture the diaper change which daddy usually is doing, if baby is hungry, and mom is comfortable with it, lets capture his suckle and the bond that mom and baby are sharing. 

Don't miss out on your babies first 48 hours of life. Its easy to get caught up in the nurses and doctors coming in and out of your room for what seems to be every 5 minutes, and getting caught up in between tracking babies wet diapers and feeding schedule. Take the time to capture how tiny your little is, and the sweet feeling you have with your brand new fresh little being. 

The Mini Session

Being a photographer, I am a very patient person! That being said, there is a new trend in the photography world which some float towards and some try and stay away from; the Mini session!

When I first heard of what a mini session was, I was confused and didn't understand why someone would charge less for a session that would typically be much more. After doing some research by following other photographers and then partaking in some mini sessions of my own, I realized that it is awesome and a perfect alternative for someone who simply can not afford a full blown session of their choice. 

I will say, photography can be expensive, and there is good reason behind it. It may be art, but it is my art. This is what I love to do, and what I love to provide, so my service does come at a price, just like any service would. Although, I have always made it a point to appeal to all people and all families. I never want to have to turn someone down because they can't afford portraits. Even though I have my regular packages and pricing, I like to be able to offer these mini sessions monthly to give everyone the chance to get the portraits they want and deserve. EVERYONE should have memories captured, not just some. 

What to know going into a mini session?

1. Mini sessions are VERY quick, my regular monthly minis tend to be about 10 minutes long, sometimes they even go faster than that, and rarely may go a little over if the little one needs some extra time adjusting to my presence. Other than that though, I like to keep them short and sweet. When dealing with kids, 10 minutes sometimes is the best time frame for photographing them. They have a short fuse and short attention span, and you get the best in the beginning or the end depending on the child. 

2. They are decently priced. I have been charging $50 for a typical mini session (during christmas they tend to be a little more) My smallest portrait package is $150. The difference is with my regular portrait session that is a family up to 4, a 45-1hr session on location or in studio, and 20 digital images picked from an online gallery. With a mini session, its 10 minutes, and you get 5 images from an online gallery (with the choice to purchase more at a discounted price). So all in all, its a pretty good deal all around! 

3. Just because its quick, doesn't mean I don't take my time. I am not a sloppy person in my regular everyday, and I am definitely not sloppy in my portraiture. I take pride in my photography whether its a long 1 hour session or a quick 10 minute session or anywhere in between. I will still get to know you and your family, and I will still make it fun and give you what you are looking for! And if I have not, I am always willing to reshoot and get what you wanted. I will never leave a client feeling unsatisfied or unhappy. 

4. They are fun! For me, there is something about the fun and quick mini session, a little adrenaline rush almost. I enjoy capturing those moments in between smiles and hugs and laughing and turning them into long lasting memories. Enjoy yourself! Because I definitely am! 

5. Turn around time. I have been known for a very fast turn around time. But as my clientele base is growing, my turn around time is lengthening as well. I tend to have the images up and in the gallery within a day or two, but I'm going to start taking my time more and giving myself more like a week to get the images back to you. Be patient, art takes time, and I want you to see the best I have to offer and nothing less!

What prompted me to write this little blog was an article somewhat shaming the mini session and talking about how its too fast and you never know who your clients are or bond with them. I honestly have never felt that way about any of the families I photograph. Yes, an hour + long session gives me much longer time to get to know you and bond, but I assure you that with however long you spend with me, we will both get to know one another, and you will be happy with your portraits. 

Documenting my First Adoption

I had the pleasure and amazing opportunity to photograph an adoption as a volunteer photographer. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I was on facebook, and a post on my feed that was talking about helping foster children in the area, and I commented on the post inquiring about photographing. I got a response almost instantly, and filled out a form to become a volunteer photographer. Within a week I received an email asking if I could photograph for a family who was adopting two siblings who they had in their care already for quite some time.

I met the family at the courthouse downtown, and was able to photograph waiting and then the actual moment when they signed the papers that made the children officially theirs. It was such an awesome experience, and so much love was in the room. The older sister had the biggest smile on her face the entire time, she couldn't have been any happier! After the adoption, we took pictures with the judge, and then also went outside and took some beautiful portraits of the big supportive family in front of the court house. 

I look forward to being able to do this for more families and more children! I have a special spot in my heart for foster children, and children who are being adopted into new loving families that they deserve.