Boudoir and YOU!

Hello everyone. I really would like to be writing these once a week, so I will start to do my best! I a thinking making making a day specifically to do a blog, to just get in the habit! Hopefully that works!

So today I wanted to touch on something I did a few months back. Boudoir. I did a boudoir model call because I had only done a few boudoir sessions and one wasn't comfortable with me posting her pictures (which I totally get! Its so understandable!). I wanted to get some women to photograph to be able to show that I also love photographing sensual and sexy sessions that make you feel good about yourself. 


Boudoir literally means; a woman's bedroom or private bedroom. Boudoir portraits are typically done in a bedroom, or any room in a house, or in a hotel which has become more popular because well its already decorated and usually has beautiful lighting. 


Why do I love photographing boudoir? Many reason. One reason is, I love making connections with my clients. Its something different than my normal everyday baby or child client. Don't get me wrong i LOVE children, and I absolutely adore photographing them and their families, but a real passion of mine is photographing women when they are most comfortable and if they are uncomfortable, getting them to become comfortable with themselves and capturing that moment when they finally are. 


The key to a boudoir session, is just enjoying yourself. Feeling beautiful, is being beautiful. I urge my clients to come as they would like, whether that is all done up with hair and makeup, or relaxed and a more natural look. Something I am hoping to offer in the future is have someone there who can supply hair and makeup for those who want to do it. This would be an added cost, but I think its well worth it. For two of the women I shot, a Makeup Artist by the name of Daisy did their beautiful faces. Her instagram is @msdaisyg, and I urge you to message her if you are in need of one (her email is 

Honestly, this is a session I urge EVERYONE to take part in. Anyone and everyone should do this. As a mom, I know its hard to always feel great about yourself, especially after pushing out two kids, stretching your body to its limits and beyond, and constantly living off sweet tea (or coffee for all other moms ;) ) and never having any sleep. Being able to take a few hours to get dolled up and have someone photograph you is a beautiful and wonderful self fulling feeling. They can be for yourself, or they can be for a boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, husband, wife, whatever you want to do, whoever you want to take the portraits for yourself, just do it. I promise you will fall in love with yourself again, or just add a little more confidence than you had before to your everyday life. Enjoy who you are! Embrace who you are! Love yourself! 

A Big THANKYOU to all the women who allowed me to photograph them and showcase their beauty!