Maternity Boudoir

I just made a blog about Boudoir, but I wanted to add a separate little extra piece about maternity and boudoir. I have never photographed this before, I honestly thought that sexy boudoir maternity sessions are strange. I hadn't given much thought to them, nor had I really seen any done before. With my model calls for my boudoir sessions, I had a woman who was pregnant and wanted to take some maternity boudoir shots! I was actually hesitant at first, but then decided to just go for it because its combining two of my favorite things! 

It was fun to say the least, I enjoyed making mama feel great about herself while she was pregnant with her third child. There is something about carrying another person inside of you, growing little bits and body parts in your tummy and creating another life. 

Here are some of the beautiful shots from the session! 

Embrace the BUMP MAMAS!