Fresh 48

What is the fresh 48? I remember when I first heard this term, I had NO idea what it meant, and once I did, I fell in LOVE with it. 

The fresh 48 refers to the first 48 hours of your precious newborns life. Of course everyone is familiar with maternity portraits, and birth photography and newborn portraits, but the fresh 48 is something I feel is often overlooked or not really thought about. 

I have two boys myself, and I wish I took more pictures with my first baby in the hospital, but due to a long labor and delivery and him being born on Christmas eve, I wasn't really able to get the first really cute shots in the hospital like I wanted. I made it a point to do it with my second for sure. 

What I love about these sessions is they are simple, relaxed, and there is no pressure for anything. There is not really a time frame, there is no swaddling and posing and getting baby to be happy and content. Baby is fresh, brand new to this world, they are typically 100% content, as long as they are warm and fed. Capturing the sweet and simple details are some of my favorite shots mostly because they are literally only this small for this day, they start growing instantly and they are 6 months, and then 1 years old before you know it! 

With fresh 48 sessions, I enjoy using the natural light that comes in through the hospital window, or even the lighting that is found in the room. Like I said before, sweet and simple, its so special being able to capture mom and dad in their moments of absolute adoration. These portraits are often not posed, and I like to go with the flow. If baby needs a change, lets capture the diaper change which daddy usually is doing, if baby is hungry, and mom is comfortable with it, lets capture his suckle and the bond that mom and baby are sharing. 

Don't miss out on your babies first 48 hours of life. Its easy to get caught up in the nurses and doctors coming in and out of your room for what seems to be every 5 minutes, and getting caught up in between tracking babies wet diapers and feeding schedule. Take the time to capture how tiny your little is, and the sweet feeling you have with your brand new fresh little being.